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India Is Playing With Fire, And It Could Get Burned: People’s Daily

BEIJING, Aug 10 (APP): The military border standoff between China and India in the Dong Lang area (Doklam) reveals India’s geopolitical ambitions and motivation to use “protecting Bhutan” as an excuse for its own superpower dream. To defuse the crisis, India should immediately withdraw its

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China May Initiate ‘Limited War’ With India

China is preparing to initiate a ‘limited war’ to push the Indian soldiers out of the disputed Doklam area, an article published in China’s state newspaper Global Times has claimed. The tension between China and India started in June when Indian soldiers entered Doklam area situated between

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Time For A Second Lesson For Forgetful India: Chinese Diplomat

BEIJING, July 25 (APP): The public’s patience is running short with India’s Doklam transgression. Nothing can stand in the way of China’s and Chinese people’s dignity. No government in the world can stand still doing nothing while its borders are being violated. As India continues