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India Should Not Turn Deaf Ear: Chinese Media

BEIJING, July 17 (APP): India has repeatedly ignored China’s calls for withdrawal of its troops that crossed the Sikkim Section of the border and entered Chinese territory. Turning a deaf ear to China will only worsen the situation. The Sikkim Section of the China-India border

Immediate Withdrawal Is Only Wise Move For India

BEIJING, July 8:After a three-week stand-off with China on Chinese territory, India should immediately pull back its trespassing troops. The face-off was caused by Indian border guards who crossed the border at the Sikkim section into Chinese territory and obstructed routine road construction in the

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China Claims India Is Stirring Up Trouble In Doklam

BEIJING, July 7 (Xinhua) — A Foreign Ministry spokesman on Friday objected to India’s attempts to stir up disputes over the Doklam region. The Indian sides claims that, according to a 2012 India-China agreement, the tri-junction point of China, India and Bhutan will be decided