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China May Initiate ‘Limited War’ With India

China is preparing to initiate a ‘limited war’ to push the Indian soldiers out of the disputed Doklam area, an article published in China’s state newspaper Global Times has claimed. The tension between China and India started in June when Indian soldiers entered Doklam area situated between

India Should Not Turn Deaf Ear: Chinese Media

BEIJING, July 17 (APP): India has repeatedly ignored China’s calls for withdrawal of its troops that crossed the Sikkim Section of the border and entered Chinese territory. Turning a deaf ear to China will only worsen the situation. The Sikkim Section of the China-India border

China Urges India To Correct Mistakes By Withdrawing Border Troops

BEIJING, July 5 (Xinhua) — China Wednesday urged India to immediately withdraw its border troops that have crossed into Chinese territory and correct its mistakes with practical actions. “The Indian troops are currently in Chinese territory, and the matter remains unsettled,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson