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Chinese Ship Docked At Gwadar Port

A Chinese ship named Tianfu arrived at Gwadar last month, said a tweet by the Spokesperson of Chinese Embassy in Islamabad Mr. Lijian Zhao. Mr. Zhao shared pictures of the ship while docking at the Gwadar port and hoped that many more ships like this would dock

China Has Already Done Something Remarkable In Gwadar

China has not only taken over the Gwadar port. It is also helping the local people by building schools and other infrastructure. These are the pictures of newly built China-Pakistan Government Primary School Faqeer Colony Gwadar. The school is ready to be opened for educational

Gwadar to Become a Smart City: Ahsan Iqbal

Islamabad: Federal Minister for Planning and development has said that Gwadar will become a smart city due China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects. He said that the government would turn Gwadar into a hub of Social and Economic activities. He expressed these remarks while talking to a