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China Unveils Small Precision-Guided Missile – AR-2

The China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics (CAAA) recently revealed the AR-2 small precision-guided air-to-ground missile, the China Daily reports. The AR-2 uses a 5-kg warhead with a semi-active laser-homing (SALH) seeker. It has a range of 8 km and a maximum speed of 735 km/h.

UN Security Council Unanimously Condemns N.Korea Missile Launch

UNITED NATIONS, United States, (APP/AFP) – The UN Security Council on Monday unanimously condemned North Korea’s latest ballistic missile launch and threatened to “take further significant measures” against Pyongyang. Council members including China, Pyongyang’s main ally, agreed on a US-drafted statement describing the test-firing of the missile

US Hits Iran With Fresh Sanctions After Missile Tests

WASHINGTON, (APP/AFP) – The United States slapped fresh sanctions on Iran Friday to punish Tehran for recent ballistic missile tests and its support for Yemen’s Houthi rebels. The first sanctions against Iran by the Trump administration targeted companies and individuals in Iran and China identified by the

Pakistan Buys HQ-16A Surface To Air Missiles From China

Pakistan buys HQ-16A Surface to air missiles from China. The deal includes 9 launchers with 8 units of IBIS-150 Radars. The HQ16A (LY-80) missile can intercept an aerial flying target from an 15 m to 18 km of altitude, while its maximum interception range for