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Record Financial Institutions Operate In Tibet

LHASA, (APP/Xinhua): A record 15 financial institutions had opened offices in Tibet Autonomous Region, southwest China, by the end of 2016, the region’s banking regulatory commission said Friday. According to official data, the 15 institutions’ total assets balance was 523.3 billion yuan (75.9 billion U.S.

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China Urges India To Honor Commitment On Tibet

BEIJING (China) (APP): China on Monday urged the Indian side to honor its commitment on Tibet, respect its core concerns and avoid relations between both the countries from being further disrupted and undermined. “We urge India to see clearly anti-China and split nature of Dalai

Tibet’s 2nd Largest Airport Terminal Starts Operation

LHASA, (APP/Xinhua): The second-largest airport terminal in southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region started operation Monday. The new terminal, the sixth to open in Tibet, is located at Nyingchi Mainling Airport. It covers an area of 10,300 square meters and will be able to handle 750,000 passengers and