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China Export Fall As Trump Fuels Uncertainty

Chinese exports fell more than expected in December, data showed Friday, deepening concerns about the trade outlook for the world’s number-two economy as Donald Trump prepares to take office. The disappointing figures come as the country tries to position itself as a leader of the

Trump Threatens Toyota Over Mexico Factory Plans

President-elect Donald Trump on Thursday threatened to impose steep import taxes on Toyota if it goes ahead with plans to build a factory in Mexico to export cars to the United States. “Toyota Motor said will build a new plant in Baja, Mexico, to build Corolla

Trump: UN ‘Just A Club For People To Get Together, Talk’

Four days after the United Nations voted to condemn Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory, US President-elect Donald Trump criticized the world body on Monday, claiming it has “such great potential” that it’s not meeting. In a Monday afternoon tweet, Trump said the U.N.

Trump Appears To Stick To His Plan On Banning Muslim Immigrants: Report

President-elect Donald Trump appears to stick to his plan on establishing registry for American Muslims and temporarily banning Muslims immigrants from entering the United States, a Washington Post report claimed citing his comments made in the aftermath of the terrorist attack in Germany. Briefly talking to

‘Trump Wins Big’ China Firm Sees Stock Surge

A Chinese company whose name sounds like “Trump wins big” saw its stock surge Wednesday as the Republican candidate’s odds improved in the US presidential poll. Shares in Shenzhen-listed Wisesoft, a computer software company whose Chinese name “chuan da zhi sheng” is a homophone for