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WTO Hands China Partial Win Over EU In Poultry Spat

GENEVA, (APP/AFP) – China won a partial victory at the World Trade Organization on Tuesday in a dispute over tariffs imposed on its poultry products by the European Union. Between 2006 and 2009, Brussels set up a wide range of tariffs on poultry imports. The EU

China Warns Of ‘Trade War’ If WTO Ignored

BEIJING, (APP/AFP) – China warned Thursday that United States ignoring World Trade Organization rulings could trigger a “trade war” after President Donald Trump’s administration said it was not bound by the body’s decisions. Last week a letter sent from the United States Trade Representative to Congress

China Must ‘Walk The Talk’ On Trade: Former WTO Chief

Beijing’s pledges to pursue trade liberalisation in the face of a potentially more protectionist US under Donald Trump meant it was time for China to “walk the talk” on the issue, former WTO director-general Pascal Lamy said Friday. Lamy, also a former EU commissioner who negotiated

EU Cannot Be ‘Naive’ On China Dumping

European Union trade ministers said Friday they must not be “naive” in the face of alleged China price dumping, as they try to agree tougher measures to fight unfairly low prices. “Europe cannot be naive and must protect its interests especially  when it comes to