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67th Anniversary Of The Founding Of The People’s Republic Of China To Be Celebrated In Islamabad

Islamabad: The Office in Islamabad is organizing a series of Chinese Cultural events to mark the 67th Anniversary of the founding of People’s Republic of China (1949-2016) all over Pakistan under the Chinese Embassy to further strengthen the people to people relations between . The mega event of the Chinese Cultural Performance would be held at the , Islamabad.

Chinese Cultural Troupe would be arriving Islamabad soon to show solidarity with the people of Pakistan and to further strengthen the Pak-China Friendship. The Chinese Cultural Troupe will perform at the Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA) Auditorium on 28th September, 2016 which would include Chinese songs, dance and artistic shows for citizens.

The new , You Yi shared this who has recently joined his diplomatic assignment in Pakistan just 2 weeks ago. You Yi said that, “I am very happy to come to Pakistan and consider Pakistan as my second home.”

Chinese Cultural Councilor further added that “I love the good people of Pakistan and pledge to work relentlessly enhancing bilateral and cultural cooperation and promoting mutual understanding between the people of Pakistan and Chinese Nation through broadening cultural understanding between the two countries”.

He said that China had made a lot of progress in the past 67 years. In 1949, China’s GDP per capital was 3 dollars and now it is 8000 dollars.

He added that, “China is now the world’s second largest Economy and China’s trade with the rest of the world reached 4 trillion US Dollars last year. Pakistan should take maximum advantage of China’s Trade Policy.”

He also stated that, “Beijing and Islamabad have been close partners for decades, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a reflection of intensified and expanded bilateral cooperation at a time of rising Chinese geopolitical ambition and persistent concerns about Pakistan’s security and development.”

CPEC promotes connectivity across Pakistan with a network of highways, railways and pipelines along with energy, industrial and other infrastructure development projects. He said, “Eventually, the CPEC will also facilitate trade along an overland route that connects China to the Indian Ocean, linking the Chinese city of Kashgar to the Pakistani port of Gawadar.

Chinese Cultural Councilor, You Yi also thanked the Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture and other Pakistani Organizations for helping with the celebrations of the 67th Anniversary of the founding of Peoples Republic of China. He chanted the slogan, “Pak-China Dosti Zindabad”.

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