Toyota To Launch A New Hybrid Car In Near Future: Pak Wheels

By Aref Ali

Toyota Pakistan is truly kicking up its apparatuses with regards to propelling new autos in Pakistan. Only a couple of months back the organization launched the facelift of the 2017 Toyota Corolla. And after that there was the news that IMC may be ending 1300cc Corolla XLi and GLi variations and dispatch either a small car, similar to the Toyota Vios or perhaps a hatchback like Toyota Yaris.

In any case, similar to I stated, those are bits of gossip. In any case, here is an affirmed news for every one of our readers.

Toyota never fails to amaze both its customer and rivals. This time too, the company has something pretty nice for Pakistani automotive enthusiasts. Insider information is that Toyota will soon be launching the brand new Toyota Camry XV70. And it is not just a regular Camry, it is going to be a hybrid.

The news is excellent as the world is moving towards hybrid and electric vehicles and now with this new Camry will surely bring diversity in the automotive of Pakistan.


Source: Pak Wheels



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