Unfortunate Incident Between Chinese Engineers Working On CPEC And Police

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Multan: Heavy contingents of police beat Chinese engineers who were working on the China Project (CPEC) at the Multan-Sukkur in Shujaabad where Chinese engineers have their base camp over the continuation of work. Two Chinese engineers had sustained major injuries and the others had minor injuries in Moza Chaddhar in Shujaabad said an inside source.

It was said that police smashed the fingers of Chinese engineer Leu while another engineer Chwoo had serious injuries on his back. About 20 Chinese workers were working in the area and the government provided them residence at the Multan PC Colony on Sher Shah Road. Chinese workers decided to continue working on Tuesday night at 11:30 on the base camp. Security Office Inspector Yousaf Haroon raised objections on their stay without an NOC and demanded that they leave the site.

CSO Raja Ram forced the Chinese workers to leave the site. SHO Muhammad also Ashraf exchanged hot words and beat the workers while receiving minor injuries himself. The Chinese workers told the police they wanted to stay and finish the work.

The Acting SP Operations Multan, Rizwan Ahmad has said that the matter does not concern him and CPO Azhar Ikram would be investigating the matter. Azhar was contacted for a comment however he wasn’t available. The SHO Ashraf said the incident happened in Basti Malok jurisdiction. A Chinese interpreter also refused to comment on the incident.

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  • Do work without NOC in china lets see what happens. But this matter should have been solved with talk. Not only pakistan is getting benefit by CPEC but china is also getting a lot of benefit.

  • Chinese were on overtime tecnically in our best of interest, best of project intetests and the security ofgicer must be taught a lesson in the best interests of country. Chinese enginers were not celebrating and conducting music program. If they were doing job why our security person could work over time in the interest of country. He must be punished and sentensed to jail for sometime as a lesson for otherd.

  • I’m feeling so embarrassed right now. China, we’re sorry!
    We have the worst police in the world. They behave even worse with us.
    Army should take the security of our esteemed guests in its own hands.

    • Dear Chinese Guests, Recruitment in Police is made not on Merit. “Gulloos” are inducted in Police Service, they are more sincere to Politicians than their job. They are untrained, discoureteous and rogue people. You might be observing their notoriousity. Do not mind, they are Animals. You are our distinguished Guests and work for our economic prosperity. What the Federal Government is doing. ????? All those Pigs involved in the high handedness, must be terminated from service including the CSO. we, the whole Nation apologize over the sad incident. Esteemed Engineers, you take your own life at risk and work for us.

  • sameer , i had been working with chinese as translator/interpretor .its and obligation for chinese worker to listen to their COS and there are about 20 points of the security memo given by SPU(special police unit) for the security of chinese ,if any one point is not fulfilled CSO can ask them to go back . and ironically many chinese engineer take these point or the presence of police for their security pointless and many times behave impolitely .
    so i recommend you not to judge this incidence on the basis of that chinese are doing so good for us (investing 46 $bn) ,its more for their own interst . moreover u can judge them on just one day story .who knows earlier how many times police may have warned them or given them the extension to work for longer period of time.

    • Sir, perhaps you don’t know. Its is only the Chinese Govt. and Chinese People that Pakistan now is capable to manufacture JF 17 Thunder, Al-Khalid Tanks, Al Zarar Tanks, The Cruise Missiles, The F6 and A5 Aircraft Rebuild Factory, Cement Plants, Sugar Plants and not only this, they are cooperating with Pakistan in other “More Vital Defence and necessary Research Technologies. China does not need Parkistan, Pakistan Bitterly Needs Chinese Assistance to bring our Economy and Defence on the Highway to Success. “If the GULLOOS including the CSO is not taught a clear lesson, such mishaps will continue to happen “””We will suffer, as our Destiny is, and no one will come for our rescue

  • Question is, what did they need an NOC “No Objection Certificate” for? No one knows what was being worked on. It could have been something that may have caused a security breach or something, but I am pretty sure our chinese brethren would not disappoint us by such conduct. But if it was just for the sake of working to get a job finished before they leave, in my humble opinion, that Chief Security Officer should receive an Objection Certificate from the government of having to serve the country in whatever capacity there maybe. He should better be put out of a job to teach him a lesson. No suspension, simple termination with humiliation to himself, his family, and throughout his community. But this stands if and only if this man wanted to stop these people from finishing the work that they were doing by making an extra effort, because if someone works late hours just for the sake of finishing something before leaving, he is doing exactly what one calls “Ehsaan” in the land of the Lord, and if someone tries to stop him, that would be border line “Corruption in the Land” which is actually punishable by an agonizing death in Islam.

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